Why We chose the name Reciprocity ROI

Why I chose the name Reciprocity ROI: 180-Micro and 360-Macro Exchanges for Business?

In any organizational business interaction there are usually 4 main parties involved (the organization itself, their employees, their customer, their vendors) and these parties are interdependent of one another, but they all need eachother’s support to ensure success. Some rely on eachother to enable their own solutions for customers, and others rely on eachother to operate their business internally. Either way everyone is affected in one way or another, be it greatly or minimally. See how it goes 360 degrees. Without full commitment from one, the other is negatively affected. Investments have been made and need to be reciprocated. The Law of Reciprocity ensures outward focus. It ensures that everyone sees their ROI. In micro-exchanges we experience 180 reciprocity, but in macro-exchanges we experience 360 reciprocity. ROI should happen at both levels. RECIPROCITY for you and your customers. ROI for everyone.

Reciprocity ROI is continually proven to be an industry leader for high quality business development and marketing services in the following way: We put the customer first, ALWAYS. We are not shareholder-driven. We are not profit-driven. We are customer-driven. We have done work for companies large and small e.g. FORTUNE 500 & Startup.

The entire mission of our company is pointed at helping companies succeed. We understand that if the customer is not successful, then neither are we. It is important to us that we help reciprocate the investments made between organizations, vendors and customers. We want to make the customers and vendors of our clients successful too, because that helps our clients succeed. ROI is 360 degrees. Reciprocity for you and your customers. ROI for everyone.

~ Paul Claxton: Executive Enterprise Salesman and Entrepreneur