Web Development & UI/UX Design

Web Development & UI/UX Design

Check our WEB packages offers that can suit any business needs

12 months commitment

Standard WEB Package

Standard WEB Package


– Professional web site (WordPress or Laravel)
– Fast, reliable and fully mobile responsive design
– Monthly updates
– 1 Year of fast hosting included
– SSL digital certificate one year included
– 5 pages, 1 contact form and blog included
– Optimized around 3 keywords
– Unlimited text on the pages and on the blog
– Local SEO optimized pages with meta tags
– Site maps submission to Google and Bing
– Google Maps
– Social media integration
– Branding social media accounts
– 2 blog posts per month (500 words – keyword optimized)
– 4 social media posts monthly
(Images, text and relevant videos) on Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
– Fast turnaround – 10 days after receiving logo, images and content

12 months commitment

Business WEB Package

Business WEB Package


– Professional web site (WordPress or Laravel)
– 1 year monthly updates
– 1 Year of fast hosting included
– Fast, reliable and fully mobile responsive design
– 10 pages, contact forms, subscribe form, pop-up and blog included
– Optimized around 8 keywords
– Local SEO optimized pages with meta tags
– Google maps
– Site maps submission to Google and Bing
– SSL digital certificate one year included
– Unlimited text on the pages and on the blog
– Social media integration
– Branding social media accounts
– 4 blog posts monthly (500 words – keyword optimized)
– 6 social media posts monthly (Images, text and
relevant videos) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
– Fast turnaround – 10 days after receiving logo, images and content

12 months commitment

Corporate WEB Package

Corporate WEB Package


– Professional web site (WordPress or Laravel)
– 1 year monthly updates
– 1 Year of fast hosting included
– Fast, reliable and fully mobile responsive design
– 15 pages, contact forms, subscribe forms, popups and blog included
– Optimized around 15 keywords
– Local SEO optimized pages with meta tags
– Google maps
– Site maps submission to Google and Bing
– SSL digital certificate one year included
– Unlimited text on the pages and on the blog
– Social media integration
– Branding social media accounts
– 6 blog posts monthly (500 words – keyword optimized)
– 8 social media posts monthly (Images, text and relevant videos) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
– Fast turnaround – 10 days after receiving logo, images and content

Marketing and design are inseparable twins.

In order to execute an effective marketing campaign you must be backed up by strong and established online presence. That includes having a modern website that is accessible through all devices with fast loading times (in some cases mobile apps for smartphones), branded social media accounts and effective content strategy aligned with your company’s goals.

Even if one of these points is not as good as it should be, you are risking your reputation. Imagine you are running a PPC or social media campaign and the users are landing on an outdated website. How do you think that will impact the conversion rate? The results would be wasted money and zero ROI. Each campaign should have unique landing page optimized around a given keyword outlining the Unique Selling Points (USPś).

We can help you develop and establish a strong online presence starting with developing a modern website that has outstanding design while following best practices of implementing SEO and UI/UX paths.

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The first touch your business makes online with potential clients stays forever, and you have only three seconds to present yourself.

We have experience working with some of the major Content Management Systems (CMS´s) like WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop and Magento where we deliver custom based solutions using the fastest PHP framework, Laravel. In the front-end technologies we have experience with Angular.JS, React.JS and Vue.JS together with HTML5 and CSS3. This combo of back-end and front-end technologies guarantees 5+ years of lifecycle for your website.

From here we can establish a back-end based on RESTful API architecture which will enable you to build and manage mobile applications from one back-end. Depending on the situation, we can build native or hybrid mobile apps.

Our expertise in web technologies goes even deeper supported by the fact that we can develop custom web based apps and complex solutions like CRM systems and ERP systems built from scratch on demand. And one other important thing, you are safe with us – We take care for the security and stability of your projects.

Ad hoc, on request, or per project complexity we can introduce new technologies.

After all technical aspects for your website are fulfilled, we’ll proceed with crafting an integrated digital marketing strategy. We’ll research and collaborate with you to establish and brand your social media presence aligned with your company’s target markets. Next to that, we’ll proceed with creating an effective content strategy and paid campaigns which will raise your brand awareness and start generating leads for your business.

We can take on the full management of your paid digital campaigns (PPC, PPV, SMM etc.) while leveraging the campaign performance, and for the same budget you’ll get more ROI!

Google is changing, Facebook is changing, new trends are coming and going, what worked yesterday, today can hurt your business. Use our expertise in your favor to keep up with the fast changing digital world and leverage it in your strongest advantage.

Web & App Development Resources
Laravel Programmer – 2 Junior – 2 Intermediate – 2 Senior
PhpOOP, Mysql, Blade, VueJS

Front-End Developer – 1 Junior – 2 Intermediate
HTML5, Css3, TweenMax, Bootstrap, Material Design, React, Angular

Software Architect – 1 Intermediate

Software quality assurance – 1 Intermediate

Javascript FullStack Developer – 2 Intermediate – 1 Senior
MeteorJS, SailsJS, MongoDB, ArangoDB, NEO4J, Blaze, React

Project Managers – 2 Intermediate

Script PHP Programmer – 1 Junior – 2 Intermediate – 1 Senior
Prestashop, WordPress, Magento, Drupal

Android Developers – 2 Intermediate

IOS Developer – 1 Junior – 1 Intermediate

*On demand we can easily scale the existing resources and introduce new technologies. Ask us for hourly rates.

UI/UX Design Resources
Art Director – 1 Intermediate – 1 Senior

Leader UX/UI Desiger – 1 Intermediate

Designers – 2 Intermediate

Motion Graphic Designer – 1 Intermediate

*On demand we can increase the team. Ask us for hourly rates.

Resources on Demand
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Let us help you achieve higher ROI through technology!

We are living in the digital age!

If you want to stay competitive in your market and leverage the power of social media and technology you are on the right place. Click “Let’s talk” and speak with our experts. We can definitely bring your business on a whole new level!