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Delivery Teams, Integrated Project Delivery, Solution Delivery, Retained Solutions, End-to-End Project Management


Solution delivery is geared towards meeting aggressive timelines by delivering the needed resources and personnel and executing into one holistic business process management and quality solution.

We are a one-stop end-to-end Solution Delivery Team provider of streamlined and centralized resources for large-scale projects. “Watch your organization succeed with the right people; people are your best asset or your worst liability” Paul Claxton, CEO


solution delivery team

Our Solution Delivery Teams will work in alignment with your team and retain solutions that work in congruence with your culture and organizational goals.

What we do for you: We carefully select consultants from our resources that have the best technical fit for your projects, and have the best synergy with your team. Once we have considered a solution for your team, we make the proposal in a timely fashion so that you can complete the project in an expedited manner, and gain a faster return on your investment. We integrate with you every step of the process to ensure that we are delivering the best solution that works for you.


What we do for you: We conduct detailed business analysis and fact finding sessions with you to gain a big picture view of your past, present and future states. Gain your confirmation from our conveyance to you of the analysis and findings. Approval to move into Phase 2.


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Our Solution Delivery Team works together to develop a core strategy for you. Strategy has a different meaning to every organization, but it always means the intangible factors that underlie process. Before you can build a process, you must have strategy, and in order to have a strategy, you have to know what is most important to your organisation.

What we do for you: We cover mandatory vs. nice to have needs, and conclude our core strategy assessment. Our Solution Delivery Team  will ensure we know your strategy, and your strategy will also be clear to everyone in your organization. Gain your confirmation from our conveyance to you of the core strategy. Approval to move into Phase 3.


“If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, then you don’t know what you’re doing.” W. Edwards Deming

In order to engineer processes in an integrated project delivery solution, you must first plug the right people into place. Next, you must document from gathering requirements to project close.

What We Do For You: We use image management and marketing strategies to attract and engineer a strong on-demand resource acquisition model for your projects. When it is time to bid on a project, you don’t have time to waste. By working with our Solution Delivery Teams, we can help you decrease the time and costs that it takes to find these resources.We identify from our resources who is going to be the best fit for a role on the Solution Delivery Team that we provide for you. From there, our Solution Delivery Team will establish the internal project setup and manage the end-to-end project management. Our team works with you to conduct planning around scope, project task lists, deliverables management, project governance, issue and risk mitigation. Gain your confirmation from our conveyance to you of the project plan and scope. Approval to deploy Solution Delivery Team and execute the project plan.

Our Solution Delivery Project Team Solutions: Delivery teams, integrated project delivery, solution delivery, retained solutions, end to end project management

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Our Solution Delivery Team will work in alignment with your team and retain solutions that work in congruence with your culture and organizational goals.