How to Engage Your Target Market Better; Human Nature’s Way: Content Is Key

Before humans ever learned how to read, we communicated face to face. The brain is meant to work through face to face communication with other human beings. Reading is a secondary method of communication that we are taught, and it takes us several years to learn this skill. Reading is not the natural way that the brain communicates.

Reading is valuable and it spawns creativity, which induces thinking perspectives. However, we don’t necessarily want our customers to think, we want them to ACT, and ACT quickly on solutions that we provide. As industry experts our job is to save them time, and eliminate their need to THINK by providing the right solution. Allowing customers to think kills sales deals, and it leaves customer’s with a feeling that they have wasted more of their precious time with you! Don’t be that sales person that wastes their customers time; the BIGGEST faux pas in sales!

We need information resources to keep track of everything humans have been learning for thousands of years! So how do we do this in the 21st century?

This is where video content comes into play. It is a more expedited delivery method to engage your prospects and loyal customers. Deliver your message in a 90 second video clip pitch that goes viral, and hit more prospects in one shot.

Personally, I am a lifelong student in the game of sales and business. I am ALWAYS after knowledge. Although not as much, I still read. Instead, lately I have found that I acquire most of my knowledge through mentors, podcasts and other content resources due to time constraints with my schedule. I just don’t have as much time to sit down for hours on end and read books.

~ Paul Claxton: Executive Enterprise Salesman and Entrepreneur