A Fruitful Partnership just Started: Reciprocity ROI and Eventerprise AG

reciprocity roi eventerprise partnership

We are happy to share what our client wrote on their blog about us! Here’s what they say:

Eventerprise has partnered with Reciprocity, an American/Macedonian company that specializes in market activation. Reciprocity’s sales team is based in Skopje, Macedonia and will be in charge of executing our outbound sales strategy in various countries across the world.

Reciprocity is a strategic management consultancy that specialises in relationship exchanges across the tech industry and is headed up by co-founders Paul Claxton, the CEO and an experienced sales professional and entrepreneur, and Borce Manev, the COO and an expert in business development and marketing. Their stated goal is to achieve excellent ROI (return on investment) through continuous delivery models and growth strategies. They believe wholeheartedly that great business cannot happen without great relationships.

Borce will be looking after our outbound sales hub in Skopje together with an experienced sales team. The team members have been specifically recruited for their unique skills. Haya was a lieutenant in the Jordanian army, Borce has also an extensive experience with call centers and customer service, while Edis has significant management and customer conversion experience. The Skopje sales team will form an integral part of our global hub and spoke system. They join our international family of hubs located in Cape Town, Vadodara, Dubai, Zürich, London, San Francisco and Delaware.

Mid-June will see the team start targeting leading event hubs like the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. The targeted sales approach that has been set up in conjunction with the Skopje team is part of our scalable business model. Targeting big event hubs will allow us to increase our chances of gaining more international traction at a fast pace.”

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