A Solution Delivery Team Cannot Be Effective and Efficient Without Organizational Planning

organizational planning solution delivery team

In the previous blog article we were speaking about the main characteristics that you should be able to spot when choosing a solution delivery team. To bring you the bigger picture we are going to dig even deeper into the organizational planning and explain its importance.

As we said, it is really important for the solution delivery team to be in a present state of mind.  The solution delivery team needs to be able to observe and accumulate the appropriate requirements for the project without missing even the smallest details before they can propose the best solution. The best solution can be delivered only with the right strategy and organizational planning.

This crucial activity will determine the project success. Why?

Without organizational planning, from processes of identifying goals and objectives, formulating them into specific strategies, creating workflows, staffing and allocating resources a project cannot happen. Each project is an ongoing living matter as sum of different processes. These processes need to be managed in a way where the team’s strength will be leveraged.

Can you see the importance now?

The organizational structure needs to be formulated and implemented way before the project starts if the solution delivery team wants to achieve your goals in an efficient manner. If we are starting with the end in mind and going backwards to the beginning into the information and data gathering phase, then first, goals and objectives for the project need to be set.

Goals should reflect what you want as an end result from your project, not what you are doing now. Goals should be realistic, measurable and implemented within the resources you have.

Objectives are the time-frame for development, methods of execution and minimum acceptable iteration.

If a solution delivery team comes to you with this approach, clarifying and setting the goals and the objectives at the very beginning then they are probably the right choice for your project.

Here are more tips how to identify effective organizational structure:

  • The solution delivery team is easily spotting your organizational strengths and weaknesses, but simultaneously they are not afraid to reveal theirs.
  • Defining continuous delivery method and setting time-release targets.
  • Assigning the right resources to the right processes.
  • Reveal all costs for implementation (additional licenses, equipment etc.).
  • Risk management (We’ll cover this topic with greater detail in our next blog article).
  • And most importantly they should not be inventing processes for your project, rather they should have a strong track record of delivering results for previous projects using defined processes.

These are the main things that make the organizational planning efficient and promise delivery of your project/product. As you can see, the organizational structure is what makes the solution delivery team whole, and without it, it would be more like having the same-minded people gathered in a group, working with primitive day-to-day scheduling without sharp focus on excellent delivery.

Organizational planning covers both, organization on a team’s level (which needs to be already established), and formulating organizational structure for your project.

What we can offer is effective and efficient, goal oriented solution delivery teams for any technology project that you might have. See our approach and schedule a free consultation to see how we can help.