How to Choose a Solution Delivery Team for Your Project?

solution delivery team

We all want to get the best solution delivery team to build up our project and match our exact needs. While we seek the right matches, many companies and teams will try to pitch themselves as the industry experts. Many of these companies and teams are industry experts in their own right, but how do you spot the differences between them and choose the right ones?

It is said that with the right people the sky’s the limit and I totally agree.

In some other articles I’ll bring you more examples how working with the right people resulted in creating stunning projects and surpassing client’s expectations.

But, let’s get back to the main point here. First of all you should understand that human capital is the biggest asset today. People with the right skillset. These people’s skills and characteristics must be handled by a proper human resource management methodology. This methodology´s main purpose is to ensure stable comm-lines between all team members, owners and sponsors while not compromising the transfer of the data/ideas. Any misunderstanding can turn the project in totally different direction and in most of the cases an irreparable damage is caused.

Let’s summarize here: One of the first characteristics you should be able to spot while choosing the right solution delivery team is how much they are “present” and how they are organized on a team level. They must be able to precisely communicate the ideas, the requests and ask the right questions. If you cannot identify this in one team, please do yourself a favor and continue with the next one.

Besides the team’s inside organization it is important to dig a little deeper into the team’s experience besides the references list you’ve received from them. One very important aspect is their know-how experience and knowledge transfer from previous projects. The success of your project will depend a lot on their strategy and approach towards your projects. It’s not only important to be done on time and within budget, but to be done in the right way!

There is a lot more to be written of this topic but these are the first indicators that you should and must be able to spot in order to proceed choosing the best solution delivery team for your project. In the next blog articles we’ll be covering more info regarding organizational planning, risk planning and budgeting. Stay tuned.

What we are doing:

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Borce Manev, COO at Reciprocity ROI