Change Management Consultancy and Planning

Change Management Consultancy and Planning

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Change management is a process in which an organization or departments within an organization are brought from one state to another successive state.

Key elements to change management consultancy and planning:
  • Analysis;
  • Strategy;
  • Information Exchange Agreement and Standard Procedures;
  • Broad Articulation of Failed Change Management and its Domino Effect;
  • Realization of ROI.
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1. Analysis

  • Understanding of organizational obstacles;
  • Analyze whether the organization and all of it´s business affiliates are capable of the incoming change from the inside out and from the outside within;
  • Conduct risk and opportunity analysis by identifying potential pitfalls for failure and opportunities for gain;

2. Strategy

  • Project and initiative branding;
  • How do we create the sell and sizzle;
  • Why are we doing this and what do we want to achieve;
  • How can we do more with less;
  • How does everyone benefit (WIIFM);
  • Opportunity costs;
  • Priorities vs. Needs (everything cannot be a priority);

3. Information Exchange, Agreement and Standard Procedures

  • Correct people emplaced and empowered;
  • Internal organizational alignment in thought action, procedure and process;
  • Procedures and process aligned with technologies;
  • External organizational alignment to the thought, action, procedure and process of the internal organizational;

4. Broad Articulation of Failed Change Management and its Domino Effect


  • Cost mitigation;
  • Time maximization;
  • Innovative and scalable technologies;
  • Automation of manual processes;
  • Grandiose expectations;
  • Improved employee performance;
  • Company growth;


  • Loss of confidence in leadership;
  • Frustrated leadership with staff;
  • Training needed;
  • Reduced job fulfillment;
  • Blindfolded direction;
  • Lack of execution and follow-through;
  • Fear of the unknown;
  • Feelings of less job security;
  • One foot in the door, one foot out the door;
  • Reduced commitment;
  • Disagreement at all levels;
  • Mass-confusion and broken communication;
  • Lower morale and disgruntled staff;


  • Loss of time and money through failed implementations;
  • Under-utilization of the software that has been implemented;
  • Organizational members fail to agree and communicably go into cocoon or hibernate mode;
  • Increased staff turnover;
  • Decreased customer retention;
  • Diminished reputation within the marketplace;

5. Realization of ROI

A technology platform will not fix all of an organization´s challenges. Only people can do that. In order to fully realize benefits from an implementation of a technology platform, an organization must first form a strategy which leaders at the departmental levels can all feel happy about. From there, that strategy must be turned into process and executed.
It’s important to do an organizational analysis before concluding what software to implement. You may find out that by re-engineering your processes and working with the technology which you already have, you no longer need the new software platform that you thought you needed.

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Why change management consultancy and planning so important?

It is imperative for an organization to maintain the ability to adapt and change in order to foster future growth. This is evident in smaller organizations that have significantly fewer systems and processes in place. Smaller firms have far fewer embedded systems and processes which restrict decision making and the ability to execute.

Management in these smaller organizations typically are also owners who are at ground level to operations, customers and environment. This cocoon allows for rapid communication across the organization. As a result of being able to react and change quickly, smaller organizations have much better chances for survival. You need to plan the transformation of change.

If you can develop a communication strategy and set the right triggers and levers in place then this will help people understand why they are making the change. If people know why they are making the change and are motivated to do it, then there is much greater chance for success

What we do for you: We work with your organization to help you accomplish your goals and meet your deadlines amidst changes. Change management consultancy and planning is sales, and sales is change management consultancy and planning. In both paradigms, you are simply convincing people to make a change, adopt a new product or idea. So you do need sales to enact change management consultancy and planning and build internal organization, collaboration, communication, cooperation and buy-in. This can prove to be extremely difficult to accomplish across multiple channels, especially if you are a decentralized organization. We minimize this difficulty with change management directors who have worked with many well-known Fortune companies.

Our Change Management Solutions: management of change, managing change, change management consultancy, change management consultancy and planning, process engineering.

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This can prove to be extremely difficult to accomplish across multiple channels, especially if you are a decentralized organization. We can minimize this difficulty with change management directors who have worked with many well-known Fortune companies.